CHERRY DW 9100 Slim Keyboard & Mouse Set

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    The CHERRY DW 9100 SLIM desktop set stands out due to its innovative functions, excellent workmanship and very flat design. You can connect the wireless mouse and keyboard with the 2.4-Ghz wireless USB receiver supplied or via Bluetooth®. You can switch connection types in an instant using a switch on the wireless mouse or keyboard. This allows e.g. a laptop to be connected via Bluetooth® 4.2 and a PC to be additionally connected via a wireless connection to be operated with the same desktop set. The data is transferred using AES-128 encryption in both cases. The range of up to 10 meters is also sufficient for e.g. multimedia applications on televisions.

    The CHERRY DW 9100 SLIM set features rechargeable lithium batteries that last for weeks of work. You can then conveniently charge the wireless mouse and keyboard using the USB-C cable included, even while you are working. To ensure that the rechargeable batteries are still charged after a holiday, the wireless keyboard and mouse can be switched off completely with a switch.

    The keyboard contains an integrated metal plate, lending it an optimal sturdiness and stability. If you prefer a steeper angle while typing, you can adjust the wireless keyboard using the removable magnetic strip. High stability is ensured by the metal plate, which prevents bending and bounding when typing.

    The use of high-quality scissor mechanisms with a low key stroke ensures an ideal typing experience. Status LEDs integrated directly in each key provide information on whether the CAPS LOCK, SCROLL and NUM keys are activated. In addition, these keys flash to warn that the battery charging status is low. The 6 additional keys have proved to be extremely convenient and practical: “Windows lock”, “Open browser”, “Quieter”, “Louder”, “Mute” and “Open calculator”.

    The wireless computer mouse, which matches the keyboard perfectly in terms of appearance, also has numerous features. It fits ideally in the user’s hand thanks to its rubber-coated side parts and a compact design. The resolution can be set in three stages at the touch of a button: 1000, 1600 or 2400 dpi. A two-color status LED provides the user with information on the battery status, the charging status, the selected resolution or the connection status at all times. An extra-durable mouse wheel and a magnetic storage feature for the USB receiver are further details that ensure nothing is left to be desired.

    Regardless for mobile working, in the office or home office. The DW 9100 SLIM Desktop is your constant, stylish companion. The choice of Bluetooth® or wireless connection means you are flexibly equipped for all eventualities.



    • Resolution: 1,000 dpi / 1,600 dpi / 2,400 dpi (switchable).
    • Number of keys: 6
    • Function buttons: right-click, left-click, scroll wheel, browser forward, browser back, DPI switching
    • Mouse wheel design: Scroll wheel with key function
    • Design: Symmetrical
    • Power supply: rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 550 mAh (permanently installed)
    • Status display: Bluetooth connection, wireless and battery charge status (bi-color LED)
    • Housing color: Silver
    • Key color: White


    • Design: Chiclet layout with numeric keypad
    • Key technology: SX
    • Service life of standard key > 10 million strokes
    • Magnetic support bar for inclination adjustment
    • Power supply: rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 650 mAh (permanently installed)
    • Status display: Caps lock, Scroll and Num Lock key, battery status (via LED in keys) Bluetooth connection, wireless and battery charge status (bi-color LED)
    • Number of keys: 104
    • Number of additional keys: 6
    • Additional key functions: Windows lock, open browser, volume down, volume up, mute, calculator

    Weight (product):

    • Keyboard: approx. 675 g (incl. battery + magnetic bar)
    • Mouse: approx. 90 g (incl. battery)
    • Receiver: approx. 2 g
    • Cable: approx. 25 g
    • Transport pouch: approx. 10 g

    • Transmission range: approx. 10 m

    • Frequency range: 2,400 GHz - 2,4835 GHz
    • Storage temperature: –15 °C to 60 °C, max. 85% humidity
    • Operating temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C, max. 85% humidity
    • Power input:
      • Keyboard: typically 5 mA
      • Mouse: typically 5 mA
      • Receiver: typically 25 mA
    • Connection: Wireless, optionally via 2.4 GHz wireless (using USB wireless receiver) or Bluetooth® 4.0 – both with AES-128 encryption