Crowd Supply XYNC

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    Crowd Supply XYNC Octo is a low-cost MIMO (Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output) SDR (Software Defined Radio) platform, designed for situations or use cases that involve a large band of spectrum monitoring or massive MIMO systems. The XYNC Octo is essentially a motherboard for connecting XTRX boards together, resulting in a multi-channel SDR.

    The XYNC Octo comes equipped with eight removable XTRX boards, metal installation brackets, cables for all of the TX/RX ports and the GPS port, and a special board for synchronizing the XTRX units. Each onboard XTRX provides two transmit channels and two receive channels. Thus, The XYNC Octo offers eight transmit channels at 30.0MHz to 3.7GHz, and eight receive channels at 1.8GHz to 6.0GHz. Two XYNC Octo boards can be connected together to increase the number of RX/TX channels, or to increase throughput per channel. Connecting more than two XYNC boards is also possible, but requires an external clock and 1pps signal distribution circuitry.

    On the digital side, each XTRX unit is connected to a PCIe switch that multiplexes the XTRX PCIe lanes into a single PCIe 2.0 x4 connector.


    • RF Chipset: 8x Lime Microsystems LMS7002M FPRF
    • FPGA: 8x Xilinx Artix-7 50T
    • Channels: 8x8 MIMO
    • Sample Rate: ~0.2MSPS to 120MSPS per channel (subject to the limitations explained above)
    • PCIe Throughput: PCIe x4 Gen 2.0, 16Gb/s
    • RF Output Power: 0dBm to 10dBm depending on frequency
    • RF Bandwidth: 1.4MHz to 130.0MHz (1.4MHz to 30.0MHz for the 6.0GHz RX option)
    • Tuning Range: 30.0MHz to 3.8GHz
    • RX/TX Range:
      • 10MHz to 3.7GHz
      • 100kHz to 3.8GHz with signal level degradation
    • Reference Clock:
      • Stability without GPS: 100ppb from 0°C to +70°C
      • Stability with GPS: <10ppb stability after GPS/GNSS lock
    • Form Factor: full-size PCIe
    • Bus Latency: <10µs, stable over time
    • Synchronization: synchronize two XYNC boards directly or more than two XYNC boards with an external clock distribution network