DFRobot BOSON Science Starter Kit

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    DFRobot BOSON Science Starter Kit is a set of digitalized scientific exploration tools for young scientists to build hands-on projects in the STEM lab. The Boson science starter pack includes 2 scientific sensors for physics and 6 scientific explorations in 3 different fields. A plug-and-play LED monitor is used for instant result display. Unlike traditional science kits, Boson scientific sensors output an instant and accurate result in the form of electric signals. Setting up the device is extremely easy, and all the sensors can be used repetitively.

    NOTE: 3xAAA batteries needed to power this kit are NOT included.


    • Soil Moisture Sensor x1
    • Light Sensor x1
    • OLED Module x1
    • Mainboard-1IO x1
    • 3xAAA Battery Holder x1
    • Cable 10cm x2
    • Cable 20cm x2
    • Package Box x1