DFRobot Light & Motor Driver for Python (V1.0)

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    DFRobot Light and Motor Driver for Python (V1.0) features four adjustment methods. These are Python code direct control, PC host computer control, UART communication programming control, and potentiometer manual control. It is used in application scenarios like DC motor speed control and light adjustment. This product supports 5V~24V wide voltage input and has a load capacity of 10A, which can drive a DC motor of about 10W or a LED strip light of about 5 meters.


    • Input Voltage Range
      • 5V~24V
    • Maximum Control Current
      • 10A
    • PWM Duty Ratio Adjustment Range
      • 0~255
    • PWM Frequency Adjustment Range
      • 183Hz ~ 46875Hz
    • Number of PWM Channels
      • 1 channel
    • Start/Stop Button
      • x1
    • Control Mode
      • External potentiometer adjustment
      • UART communication control
      • USB port host computer control
      • Python control
    • USB Interface
      • Type-C
    • UART Interface
      • PH2.0-4P
    • External Potentiometer Interface
      • 2.54-pin header, binding post
    • Mounting Hole Size
      • 30mm x 50mm, diameter 3.1mm
    • PCB Size
      • 37mm x 57mm / 1.46 x 2.24 inches