Form 3+ 3D Printer

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    Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ 3D printer

    Create high-quality prototypes and end-use parts efficiently with the Formlabs Form 3+, an affordable industrial 3D printer known for its exceptional performance. It boasts rapid print speeds, industry-leading precision, and unwavering reliability, alongside a wide selection of high-performance materials.

    The Form 3+ utilizes Low Force Stereolithography technology, consistently delivering presentation-ready parts with impeccable surface finishes. Thanks to our enhanced Light Touch Support structures, you can easily remove supports, saving valuable post-processing time.

    This 3D printer empowers you to produce industrial-grade parts ready for any challenge. Setting up and maintaining the Form 3+ is straightforward, making it ideal for both prototyping and production. As your demands grow, you can seamlessly expand your printing capacity.

    Trusted by tens of thousands of professionals worldwide and validated with over 30+ materials, the Form 3+ is the preferred choice, whether you need durable performance parts or intricate, precise details. Experience the Form 3+ advantage today.

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