Gas Plasma Arrestors 3.6kV 20% 3kA EHV62-H36B2

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    EPCOS / TDK B88069X Surge Arresters (Gas Discharge Tubes) provide protection to sensitive electronic circuitry. Surge arresters are hermetically sealed gas discharge tubes consisting of two or three electrodes properly spaced by insulators and filled with a noble gas. These devices feature low capacitance and high insulation resistance, making them almost invisible in normal operation. These surge arresters are ideal for protection against voltage surges in telecommunication systems.

    The EPCOS / TDK B88069X series includes a Stacked Surge Arrestor with high self-extinguishing and high follow current limitation capabilities. This device is ideal for Class I and II surge protection as well as AC power line, L-PE, and N-PE applications.


    • Peak Pulse Current: 3kA
    • DC Sparkover: 3.6kV
    • Number of Electrodes: 2 Electrode
    • Termination Style: Axial
    • Failsafe Not Protected
    • Minimum Operating Temperature: -40C
    • Maximum Operating Temperature: +125C
    • Mounting Style: PCB Mount