IBM TJBot, a Watson Maker Kit

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    Have some fun coding your very own AI robot with TJBot, a do-it-yourself template to learn, experiment with and explore AI with IBM Watson. The project consists of open source step-by-step recipes, or coding instructions, designed for a Raspberry Pi to help you connect your TJBot to Watson developer services.

    Born at IBM Research as an experiment to develop best practices in the design and implementation of AI and cognitive objects, TJBot is an example of "embodied cognition" --- the idea of embedding artificial intelligence into objects in our everyday lives. Want to have a conversation with TJBot or teach TJBot to dance or tell a joke? You can use featured TJBot recipes to teach your own TJBot these skills or create your own new recipes and share them with the world.

    In this version of the TJBot kit, we include a laser-cut template to form the body of the Bot, LEDs, a microphone, the Raspberry Pi, micro SD card and wires to connect everything together. Also, this kit is only available for those in the United States and Canada. Sorry, world!

    Note: A credit card may be required to access the TJBot's full function.


    • TJBot Laser Cut Cardboard
    • Raspberry Pi Model 3
    • 16GB NOOBS Card
    • USB Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Servo
    • LEDs
    • Wires
    • USB Cable