IPA-Based Presaturated Wipes

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    MicroCare SMT Assembly Stencil Cleaners are high-performance, high-yield cleaners that include stencil-wiping rolls, lint-free wipes, and presaturated alcohol wipes. MicroCare SMT Stencil Rolls are engineered for lead-free and fine-pitch applications. These rolls use a highly specialized fabric that is exceptionally strong and absorbent. MicroCare Presaturated Wipes from MicroCare are ideal for cleaning SMT stencils, PCBs, tools, plastic parts, metal cabinets and housings, work benches, and test equipment. They remove flux residues, solder paste, fingerprints, oils, grime, lint, and dust. All MicroCare presaturated wipes have an unlimited shelf life because a slam shut lid keeps the wipes from drying out.


    • Broad line of stencil wiping rolls and lint-free wipes
      • Boost yield, speed cleaning, and increase throughput
    • Presaturated alcohol wipes deliver highly consistent, speedy cleaning, and unlimited shelf life
      • Removes flux residues, solder paste, fingerprints, oils, grime, lint and dust