MIKROE Magneto 7 Click

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    Magneto 7 Click is a high-resolution magnetic sensor Click board™ which allows contactless orientation sensing. It features the BM1422AGMV, a complete integrated solution with magneto-impedance (MI) elements, low-noise analog AD converter, and digital signal processing (DSP) sections, on the same die. Thanks to the internal DSP processing, the BM1422AGMV can output the absolute movement detection over the serial interface as a bit stream. The BM1422AGMV IC is ideal for using in various applications, such as wristwatches, smartphones, tablets, etc.

    Magneto 7 Click is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development.

    Magneto 7 Click is a very accurate and reliable magnetic sensor device, which features the BM1422AGMV, a 3-axis magnetic sensor IC from ROHM Semiconductor. The BM1422AGMV IC features an onboard signal processing and I2C communication, simplifying the application development and reducing the host MCU load. It is a very accurate sensor, which can sense the magnetic field with the precision of 0.042μT, with the full scale magnetic field detection of ±1200μT. Featuring onboard signal processing, fast I2C communication, low power consumption, and high precision with the low noise, this Click board™ is an ideal solution for developing portable electronic compass applications, but it is not limited only to directional measurement. It can be also used for the detection of a magnetic field, vehicle detection, and similar applications that rely on an accurate magnetic field sensing in all three axes.

    This Click board™ uses the BM1422AGMV, a 3-axis magnetic sensor IC from ROHM Semiconductor. This sensor incorporates magneto-impedance (MI) elements to detect magnetic field and a control IC in a small package. The magneto-impedance (MI) effect is a phenomenon in which the voltage induced by a high frequency current source in a ferromagnetic wire changes with the application of an external field. Just like a global positioning system (GPS) is effective for detecting the position, a magnetic sensor is usable for detecting the orientation of the user, and therefore simplify the development of motion tracking applications.

    The resulting characteristics of this sensor IC, are impressive: it have measurable range of ±1200μT, a sensitivity of 0.042μT/LSB when using 14 bit ADC mode, and can be exposed to maximum 1000mT field. The Status register offers the status indication of the measured data. This, DRDY bit, is output to inform the preparation status of the measured data and is routed to the INT pin of the Click board™.

    This Click board™ uses I2C, and it is designed to be operated only with 3.3V logic level. A proper logic voltage level conversion should be performed before the Click board™ is used with MCUs with logic levels of 5V.


    • Interface: I2C
    • Compatibility: mikroBUS™
    • Dimensions: 28.6 x 25.4mm
    • Input Voltage: 3.3V
    • Magnetic field measurement range on each axis: Min. -1200μT, Max. 1200μT
    • Magnetic Sensitivity: Min. -0.042μT, Max. 0.042μT
    • Operating Current (100SPS): 0.15mA