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    SRAM 3 Click is a compact add-on board that contains a serial non-volatile SRAM with a high storage capacity. This board features the ANV32AA1WDK66, a 1Mb serial SRAM with a non-volatile SONOS storage element included with each memory cell organized as 128k words of 8 bits each from Anvo-System Dresden. The serial SRAM provides fast access & cycle times, high data accuracy, ease of use, and unlimited read & write accessed by a high-speed SPI compatible bus. This Click board™ is suitable to store drive profiles, configurations, and similar data, or for applications such as medical devices, industrial automation (for example, motor control and robotics), smart metering systems, and many others.

    SRAM 3 Click is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development.

    SRAM 3 Click is based on the ANV32AA1WDK66, a serial non-volatile SRAM with double memory architecture and SPI serial interface organized as 128k words of 8 bits each from Anvo-System Dresden. This memory has a silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon (SONOS) flash storage element included with each memory cell. In the case of an unforeseeable operating voltage drop below a defined value, the SONOS technology enables non-volatile storage of all data in less than 15ms. An integrated Power Down functionality of the SRAM 3 Click with a standby current of less than 1µA ensures its low power consumption, with recovery time from Power-Down Mode of typically of 60µs.

    This ANV32AA1WDK66 possesses unique safety features, such as Checksum Protected Memory Accesses (Secure READ and Secure WRITE instructions) and Time Monitoring that ensures a high degree of reliability of this Click board™. Corrupt data cannot overwrite existing memory content, and even valid data would not overwrite on a corrupted address. The SRAM 3 Click also provides some distinctive advantages of SRAMs, such as fast access times and unlimited write/read endurance.

    SRAM 3 Click incorporates an additional IC, labeled as the TXB0108PWR, an 8-bit bidirectional voltage level translator from Texas Instruments. This allows the Click board™ to be used with a much extensive range of MCUs. At the same time, the TXB0108PWR protects the ANV32AA1WDK66 from the Electrostatic Discharges (ESD) up to ±15 kV, making SRAM 3 Click a very reliable embedded storage solution.

    The ANV32AA1WDK66 communicates with MCU using the standard SPI serial interface that supports modes 0 and 3 with a maximum frequency of 66 MHz. It also possesses additional HOLD function routed at the PWM pin of the mikroBUS™ socket labeled as HLD. This pin is used in conjunction with the CS pin to select the device. When the device is selected, and a serial sequence is underway, an HLD pin can be used to pause the serial communication with the controller device without resetting the serial sequence.

    This Click board™ is designed to be operated with both 3.3V and 5V logic levels that can be selected via VCC SEL jumper. This allows for both 3.3V and 5V capable MCUs to use the SPI communication lines properly. However, the Click board™ comes equipped with a library that contains easy to use functions and an example code that can be used as a reference for further development.


    • Interface: SPI
    • Compatibility: mikroBUS™
    • Dimensions: 28.6 x 25.4mm
    • Input Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
    • Average VCC Current at 66MHz: 5mA
    • Operating Temperature Range: Min. 0°C, Typ. 25°C, Max. 70°C