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    UVC Click is an ultraviolet sensing board which complements UVC Light Click for a ultimate ultraviolet solution. The board is based on GUVC-T21GH ultraviolet sensor from GenUV, capable of measuring UVC spectrum in the range of 220nm up to 280nm and light intensity from 0mW/cm² up to 9.3mW/cm². With high sensitivity and good solar blindness, it can be a perfect solution for monitoring sterilization lamps used in ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), a disinfection method that is becoming an essential tool in the battle against viruses and bacteria. UVC Click has two ways of reading UV sensor output, direct analog output value and digital output thanks to MCP3221 ADC converter.

    UVC Click board™ is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development.

    UVC Click can provide reliable and stable UVC light intensity value by using GUVC-T21GH sensor which have spectral detection range of 220nm - 280nm with output responsivity of 0.6mV/nW (at 254nm). Light intensity is converted in digital value by using MCP3221 a successive approximation A/D converter (ADC) with a 12-bit resolution.

    Communication to the MCP3221 is performed using a 2-wire, I2C compatible interface. Standard (100 kHz) and Fast (400 kHz) I2C modes are available with the device. An on-chip conversion clock enables independent timing for the I2C and conversion clocks.

    To get reliable readings from sensor, ADC power and voltage reference is supplied from MCP1501T-33E/RW a buffered voltage reference with 3.3V output capable of sourcing up to 20mA of current as a low-drift bandgap-based reference. The bandgap uses chopper-based amplifiers, effectively reducing the drift to zero.

    Second way of reading output voltage from sensor is by placing 0 ohm resistor on JP2 position labeled on PCB and reading analog value from AN pin on mikroBUS™. This way you can relay on external voltage reference and ADC with some other desired specifications for your application and you can measure light power intensity up to 14.1 mW/cm².

    An SMD jumper labeled as VCC SEL can be moved to the desired position, allowing both 3.3V and 5V MCUs to be used with this Click board™.


    • Interface: Analog, I2C
    • Compatibility: mikroBUS™
    • Dimensions: 42.9 x 25.4mm
    • Input Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
    • UVC sensing resolution: 12 bit
    • Responsivity: 0.6mV/nW
    • Spectral Detection Range: 220nm - 280nm