NEMA23-17-01PD-AMT112S 2.8A Stepper motor with Encoder

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    CUI’s Stepper Servo Motors combine a NEMA stepper motor with the AMT11 series incremental encoders to provide a dependable motor and motion control feedback solution. Ths NEMA stepper motor features up to 0.6N-m holding torque, digitally set zero position, patented capacitive encoder ASIC technology, and incremental resolutions up to 4096PPR. The NEMA stepper motors with incremental encoder can be paired with a controller to provide closed-loop feedback for a complete servo system. The incremental encoder can be programmed via AMT Viewpoint™ software without removing the encoder from the motor.

    NOTE This product requires a cable with a JAE FI-W17S connector for hookup. Like TOL-16261.


    • Type: Incremental
    • Frame Size - NEMA: NEMA 23
    • Connection: Bipolar
    • Step Angle: 1.8 deg
    • Pin or Wire Count: 4
    • Voltage Rating: 24 V to 80 V
    • Current Rating: 2.8 A
    • Rotor Inertia: 0.7 oz-in-sq
    • Resolution: 0 PPR
    • Number of Channels: 3 Channel
    • Output Type: Quadrature with Index
    • Brand: CUI Devices
    • Length: 1.74 in