Piezo Audio Indicator - 12Vdc, 100dB, Continuous Slow and Fast Pulse Rate

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    This is a Piezo Audio Indicator with 12Vdc, 100dB and a continuous slow and fast pulse rate.

    CUI Devices Sirens utilize piezo technology with a built-in driving circuit, while offering through hole, panel mount, and wire lead mounting styles. CUI Devices Piezo Sirens feature sounds pressure levels (SPLs) up to 120dB and rated frequencies from 2500Hz to 2900Hz. These piezo sirens offer a range of variable tones and sounds, including hi-lo, warble, and more. With operating temperature ranges from -40°C up to +85°C, these piezo sirens are ideal for security systems, medical devices, industrial applications, and more.


    • Sound Pressure Level: 100 dB
    • Tone: Continuous
    • Frequency: 2900 Hz
    • Voltage Rating: 12 VDC
    • Current Rating: 25 mA
    • Termination Style: Wire Leads
    • Packaging: Tray