Shapeoko XL T-Track & Clamp Kit

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    This T-Track & Clamp Kit for the Shapeoko XL is an all-in-one box filled with parts to help improve the functionality of your CNC. This versatile T-track system provides a flexible and reliable way to hold down a wide assortment of material to your Shapeoko XL CNC Router. The T-track system easily attaches on top of the Shapeoko wasteboard making set-up a breeze.

    With this kit, you will be able to use the provided wooden clamps and hardware or even design your own custom fixtures to hold your work while machining.

    Note: This is not compatible with the Shapeoko 4.


    • 4x 1 1/4” Hex Bolt, 20 tpi
    • 4x 1 3/4” Hex Bolt, 20 tpi
    • 4x 2” Hex Bolt, 20 tpi
    • 4x 2 1/4” Hex Bolt, 20 tpi
    • 4x Thumb Nuts, 20 tpi
    • 4x Clamps, 1” x 4” Red Oak
    • 4x T-tracks, 23” length
    • 2x Side Filler, 4” x 23” MDF
    • 3x Middle Filler, 10" x 23” MDF
    • 50x #8 x 1/2” Screw
    • 30x #8 x 1 1/4” Screw
    • 1x #2 Phillips Driver
    • 1x 5/64” Drill Bit