SparkFun Machine Learning @ Home Kit for NVIDIA Jetson Nano

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    We have all been spending a lot of time at home this past year! We have all been staring at the walls, looking at the pile of dishes and wondering what to do with our time and effort.

    With the Machine Learning @ Home Kit for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano we are killing two birds with one stone for you. The first is helping you take the next step in exploring machine learning with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano and SparkFun Qwiic Ecosystem and the second and more important bird is trying to make your life around your home just a little easier by making Machine Learning work for you.

    This kit is designed as an extension kit of the NVIDIA DLI Course Kit that acts as an introduction to Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano. The kit brings machine output and interaction into the picture through a number of different SparkFun Qwiic boards for you to turn machine learning into machine working!

    The kit also includes a Hookup Guide that walks you through three different machine learning applications that will help you around the home as well as teach the basics of taking the examples of machine learning you find in the DLI Course and working towards deploying those projects beyond an example in Jupyter Notebooks!

    Pick up this kit, extend your knowledge around Machine Learning and make your home a little smarter.



    • Project Examples:
      • Machine Learning Pet Feeder
      • Smart Kitchen Assistant
      • Personalized lighting / appliance controls