SparkFun Toaster Oven Reflow Control Board

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    Designed exclusively with SparkFun's À la Carte custom board designer, the Toaster Oven Reflow Control Board is just that – a single, fully populated board for DIY temperature measurement and load control. Specifically the board was designed for:

    • Controlling up to two heating coils rated up to 5A/120V AC (common for most toaster ovens)
    • Measuring up to two temperature inputs via K-Type thermocouples
    • Displaying current status via a backlit 16x2 character LCD
    • Reading an encoder with button select to create a simple user interface and menu navigation
    • Utilizing the Artemis controller module with built-in BLE for wireless controlling and monitoring

    In addition, the I2C bus is available via the on-board Qwiic, the 2nd UART and SPI pins are brought out to empty PTH solder points.

    The Toaster Oven Reflow Control Board is not intended to be a final product, and that's what we think is beautiful about it! Including a Qwiic connector to easily add additional sensors or other components will help make this project fit your DIY monitoring and reflow needs.

    Note: Thermocouples are not included but we carry the popular K-Type 0-400C thermocouple listed below.

    Notice: We provide an example sketch demonstrating all the hardware but a full reflow controller is not implemented. You can read this blog post for more information about creating your own controller. Knowledge of programming with the Arduino IDE is highly recommended for purchasers of this board.