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    The TinyPICO is a small, fully-featured ESP32 development board, designed to give you access to the power of the ESP32’s dual core 240 MHz processor and internet connectivity, all in a package smaller than your thumb!

    TinyPICO ships with mainline MicroPython pre-installed and supports Arduino IDE and Espressif IDF, so you have the flexibility to code the way you want.

    TinyPICO has been designed with two isolated power paths: a 5 V path and a 3.3 V path. Any components that are not needed for operation via battery or via the 3.3 V power pin are isolated within the 5 V power path, and are totally shut down when no USB cable is plugged in.

    In-fact, even the power & charge LEDs are shutdown when no 5 V power source is present.

    Deep sleep has been optimised for all development platforms, and though we have seen it go as low as 10 uA, our official current rating in deep sleep is 18 uA.

    Note: TinyPICO includes an on-board APA102 RGB LED that has a quiescent current of 1 mA.

    Note: The headers and JST connectors come loose, so you can chose which you would like to use and solder those on yourself.

    Why do we ship with two different JST connectors? The smaller MicroBlade connector is becoming more popular because of how small it is, but many of you (like us) already have LiPo batteries with the PH connectors on them, so we decided it was just nicer for us to provide both, so you can choose which one suits you best.


    • 1x TinyPICO
    • 1x Set of male headers
    • 1x set of female stackable headers
    • 1x JST PH connector
    • 1x JST MicroBlade connector


    • RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Interface Type: SPI, UART, USB
    • Data Bus Width: 32 bit
    • Operating Supply Voltage: 3.3V, 5V
    • 4 MB SPI Flash
    • 4 MB extra PSRAM
    • Bluetooth BLE 4.2
    • 700 mA 3.3 V LDO Regulator
    • 14x GPIO broken out standard pitch headers