Ultra-Small UHF RFID Tag Rain - 10 Pack

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    The 'Rain' ultra-small UHF RFID tags from Murata are really exciting because of their fantastically small size -- they're just a 1.25 mm square with a height of 0.55 mm! The tag's tiny composure makes it really well suited to attaching to small or organically-shaped objects with a little bit of glue or epoxy. So what can you do with a small RFID tag? Strapping one to the tip of a Nerf dart to tell if you've hit the target or sounding the alarm if someone removes a trinket from your desk is just the tip of the iceberg.

    These tags operate in the UHF (865MHz to 928MHz) band and contains a 96-bit EPC field that is programmable by the user. Using a reader like the M6E Nano with the UHF Ring Antenna will allow you to read/write multiple tags at a range of up to an inch!

    To recap, these tags are great for tiny close-range identification, just be sure not to misplace them or you might never find them again!


    • 10x UHF RFID Tags


    • 1.25 mm square by 0.5 mm height
    • 96-bit user-programmable EPC field
    • UHF band (865 - 928 MHz)
    • Simultaneous read capable with compatible readers (like M6E Nano)
    • 1 inch read/write range with UHF Ring Antenna