• XBee 3 Module - PCB Antenna - WRL-15126
  • XBee 3 Module - PCB Antenna - WRL-15126
  • XBee 3 Module - PCB Antenna - WRL-15126
  • XBee 3 Module - PCB Antenna - WRL-15126

XBee 3 Module - PCB Antenna

Item #: WRL-15126
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    After years of popularity with the XBee Series 1 and XBee Series 2, we now have the XBee Series 3 which brings the best of both worlds. XBee 3 not only handles 802.15.4, and ZigBee, but also BLE protocols and you can now talk to the modules over UART or SPI as well. With a 200ft indoor range, or 4000ft outdoor/line-of-sight range, you can set up a mesh network to talk to or communicate with various devices around your house, work, or other area.

    This module has the familiar XBee package while sporting a PCB Antenna. You also get a built in microcontroller so you can also configure and program the modules using MicroPython as well as Digi's XCTU software. With a HCS08 CPU running at up to 50.33MHz, 15x digital I/O pins, and 4x 10-bit ADC pins these modules can even hold their own as a microcontroller.

    Note: While these are backwards compatible in many ways with the XBee 1s and 2s, they are not completely compatible. Please see documentation for differences if you plan on adding these to an existing project.


    • RF 250Kbps, Serial 1Mbps
    • 200ft (indoor) to 4000ft (outdoor) range
    • Transmit power +8dBM @ 40mA
    • Receiver Sensitivity -103dBm @ 15mA
    • 4x 10-bit ADC inputs
    • 15x Digital I/O pins
    • HCS08 CPU at up to 50.33MHz
    • 128/256 bit AES Encryption
    • 2.1V to 3.6V operating voltage
    • 1.7 μA power-down current
    • Built in RS-485 support
    • AT command or API frame support
    • FCC/ETSI Certified