• Adjustable Parts Box - PRT-13867
  • Adjustable Parts Box - PRT-13867

Adjustable Parts Box

Item #: PRT-13867
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    This is a small, adjustable part box for components, breakouts and development boards. Made from a clear polypropylene with reliable locking tabs, this box is incredibly durable and water-resistant. The best part about this little box is the six included dividers that can modify the inside of the container, providing you with compartments as small as 10mm x 40mm.

    Internally, the Adjustable Parts Box features a 145mm x 80mm area with a fixed divider encroaching halfway inside on both axes located on the right side. Simply put, this parts box is a great economical option that can easily be modified to fit the needs of anyone looking to store the bits and bobs cluttering their work area.


    • Internal: 145mm x 80mm (not accounting fixed divider)
    • External: 155mm x 90mm
    • Optional Compartment Widths: 10mm--65mm