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Speaker - 0.5W (8 Ohm)
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Sparkfun Item #: COM-09151 -

A small audio speaker that is ideal for radio and amplifier projects and is small enough to fit in robot projects. Features: Small Size Power rating: 0.5W Impedance: 8Ω 50mm diameter, 16mm high, 28mm base diameter

Speaker - PCB Mount
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Sparkfun Item #: COM-11089 -

This through-hole speaker is great for projects where you need something that sounds better than a piezo buzzer but don't have room for a full-blown speaker. This 30mm diameter speaker is encased in plastic and will handle about 100mW of power. Features: 8 ohm 0.1W (0.2W max) 30mm diameter Documents: Datasheet Product Video ...

Thin Speaker - 0.5W
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Sparkfun Item #: COM-15350 -

If you want to get some sound out of your project but have a tight space budget, this is a good way to do it. This 0.5W, 8Ohm speaker is only 40mm in diameter and just over 4mm thick, the same kind you might find in one of those "talking greeting cards". Documents: Datasheet Dimensional Drawing ...