• Bearables Flower Light Sensor - SEN-15753
  • Bearables Flower Light Sensor - SEN-15753
  • Bearables Flower Light Sensor - SEN-15753

Bearables Flower Light Sensor

Item #: SEN-15753
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    A cute flower light sensor to connect to and trigger your Bearables badge. Bearables is a range of woodland-themed wearable LED badges and sensors. Wear the badges on their own, or connect them to one of the sensors with conductive thread to bring them to life. Designed for kids* (suggested age 8+) and grown-up kids alike!

    Attach the flower light sensor to a Bearables badge and when you cover the sensor or when it's dark your badge's LEDs will light up.

    *Contains small parts. Not suitable for children 3 years or younger. This is not a toy

    The nifty design of the badges and sensors means that it's super-simple to connect them. It doesn't matter which way round they're connected. Just connect one hook on the badge to one hook on the sensor with conductive thread, then do the same with the other two hooks.

    Once a sensor is connected, press and hold the multi-functional button to put your badge into trigger mode. Now when you trigger the sensor, the LED lights on your badge will light up.


    • Bearables badges and sensors are not waterproof or washable
    • Ensure that the two pieces of conductive thread connecting your Bearables badge and sensor do not touch, bearing (pun intended) in mind that they may touch when the fabric is creased or folded. Nothing bad will happen, the sensor just won't work as it should.
    • A dab of clear nail varnish on the conductive thread around the hook can help to give a better, more reliable connection


    • Flower light sensor
    • Sticker sheet


    • Light sensor with two phototransistors
    • Two sewable hooks
    • Compatible with Bearables badges