bladeRF x40

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    The bladeRF x40 is an affordable USB 3.0 Software-Defined Radio (SDR) designed to allow students and RF enthusiasts to explore wireless communication, and to provide professionals with a versatile COTS waveform development platform. The bladeRF x40 is a great next step after using an SDR like the HackRF One, especially with the built-in FPGA providing you with more user-defined options.

    Out of the box, the bladeRF can tune from 300MHz to 3.8GHz without the need for extra boards. Through open source software such as GNURadio (live image), the bladeRF can be placed into immediate use. With its flexible hardware and software, the bladeRF can be configured to operate as a custom RF modem, a GSM and LTE picocell, a GPS receiver, an ATSC transmitter or a combination Bluetooth/WiFi client, without the need for any expansion cards.


    • 1x bladeRF x40 (40KLE Cyclone 4 FPGA)
    • 1x USB 3.0 SS cable
    • 2x SMA cables


    • Full-duplex 40MSPS 12-bit quadrature sampling
    • Factory calibrated VCTCXO tuned within 1Hz of 38.4MHz
    • Removable-cap RF shields for increased system sensitivity and isolation
    • Flexible clocking architecture for arbitrary sample rates
    • GPIO expansion port (GPIO Expansion Board)
    • SPI flash allowing for headless operation
    • Expanded frequency coverage using XB-200 Transverter Board
    • Typical +6dBm TX power
    • Fully bus-powered USB 3.0 Superspeed SDR
    • 300MHz--3.8GHz RF frequency range
    • Independent RX/TX 12-bit 40MSPS quadrature sampling
    • Capable of achieving full-duplex 28MHz channels
    • 16-bit DAC factory-calibrated 38.4MHz +/-1ppm VCTCXO
    • Onboard 200MHz ARM9 with 512KB embedded SRAM (JTAG port available)
    • Onboard 40KLE Altera Cyclone 4 E FPGA (JTAG port available)
    • 2x2 MIMO configurable with SMB cable, expandable up to 4x4
    • Stable Linux, Windows, Mac and GNURadio software support