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As an electronics enthusiasts, when you think about a do it yourself project, your mind doesn’t think about the details. You only concentrate on ideas and it feels great to watch amazing things happening right in front of your eyes. However, when you get down to work, you realise that apparently minor components actually become a major hurdle in your project.

So what kind of problems electronic DIY project makers face? More importantly, issues and unnecessary steps really torture your thoughts when you know it should have been easier.

Availability of electronic components

So you have everything up and running on the scratchboard, your hands are itching to do some soldering, but what’s that? You don’t know where to get these components. Exactly!

Did you know there are online shops that actually sell such components and even complete DIY kits so you don’t have to look any further. In our case, MindKits also offers documentation and guides as well where applicable. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your electronics, you have reached the right destination.

Awareness about latest DIY kits and components

It is possible that you are completely new to electronics. In this case, you have probably learned some tricks but still, you are an amateur, which means you really don’t know which chip to use and where? Surely, you did your homework, now you know that too, but simply the keyword “Arduino” isn’t going to get you anywhere because there are so many varieties. For example, Arduino Uno-R3and Arduino Pro Mini 328have quite a lot ‘uncommon’ in each other when it comes to functionality and customization.

Your lack of knowledge could land you on the wrong type of chip and you will end up wasting more time compensating for what ‘the other’ chip was already offering. See, there are 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 varieties as well so you don’t have to waste time connecting individual components


Electronic DIYs like IoTs require you to completely know about the specification of the components you are going to use. Navigating an online electronics seller is a good way to explore your options because you can’t do your best until you get to know your tools.

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