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Ever wondered what it would be like to build your own 3d printer? Like me, it's likely you felt apprehension at laying out funds on something that might be too hard, not work right or not offer support in case you get stuck.

I spent a day with 16 year old Sam from Albany Secondary High School as he took on his project to build a 3D Printer and his experience was enlightening. So much so that it has been blogged by Nicole Price.

Whether you're an educator looking for an engaging project for your students or a budding hobbyist or a parent looking to bond over a common project with your kids, you'll likely find great value in having a read of this post.

You can get in touch with me (Tim from MindKits) via the contact us page or do a search for the Ultimaker kitset on the site to explore more options and get started.

Check out Nicole's post on Sam's experience with building his own 3D printer here.

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