Jason’s Filament Review: eSUN PLA (White) 1kg

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Who's Jason I hear you ask??

He is the MindKits Technician and our awesome Ultimaker Engineer. So it is only fitting that he tested the new white PLA that has arrived at MindKits. Please have a read of his review below.

When searching for eSUN filament I found high scores and strong reviews all over the internet and for all the right reasons, strength, colour, dimensional accuracy and reliability. eSUN has quickly become a supplier to a growing number of third-party filament brands around the world. Unlike many filament manufacturers eSUN is also focused on research and development of new plastics, continuing to expand its sizeable range of quality affordable 3D printing materials.

Quality: I have found eSUN to be very reliable, with consistent print output properties (you get what you expect). If you print a lot there is potential that filament quality and consistency could vary a little more than expensive 3D filament brands. However this is only theory, in the rollsI’ve used it has been nothing but impressive!

Materials (PLA): eSUN PLA is known for its fantastic adhesion properties, accurate colour and the dimensional consistency of the filament. From my experience printing on an Ultimaker 3 Extended the eSUN PLA seems to work well when printed at 210ºC for the first layer (60ºC bed) and about 200 - 205ºC for the rest of the print. In general I would say this filament has some of best dimensional accuracy for the price.

Colour Range: eSUN produces a wide assortment of colours and MindKits has a great range available to New Zealand customers through the MindKits website.

Price: One of the best all round performing filaments for the price. After running a few prints and various tests over the last 2 weeks I can see why so many people are recommending eSUN filaments on forums.

Note regarding filament storage: I always keep unused filament in a big airtight container with silica gel packets, this keeps the material in good stable condition.

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