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Now on its fourth year, Raspberry Pi has sold 8 million units. Recently, one of the founders, Eben Upton announced that they are launching Raspberry Pi 3. It has around fifty to sixty percent faster processor speed than the Raspberry Pi 2 and is about ten times faster than the Raspberry Pi 1.

The better specced Raspberry Pi 3 does the same awesome things its predecessors did and that is to be a compact computer you’d only need to plug up to any display, mouse and keyboard, to get it running. Since its release, people have used it for all sorts of awesome tech things. “…we’re not for profit, we exist to try and get kids programming,” said Eben Upton. With a device as little as the Raspberry Pi and with its price kept low, the objective is constantly being met.

The mission to reignite the spark of learning goes on as these visionaries continue their awesome work. The many open sources for the Raspberry Pi open limitless possibilities for would-be programmers who are either starting from scratch or already making the most ingenious of things to help improve daily life.

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