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Thanks for our guest blogger - Elecrow

This project is easy to use and can be of great help in making your life become more intelligent. The major function is to collect the data of soil moisture, light strength of this tree and the indoor temperature & humidity. When the soil is short of water, the buzzer controlled by a Crowtail and will tweet reminding you to water the tree. This project aims to deal with all the data from every sensor and then displays on the OLED screen. Then establish LANS (Local Area Network Server) through the ESP8266 module. It allows all the computers in this LANS to visit to know the living environment of this tree and the current temperature & humidity of office.

The following pictures are some connection pictures for the project.

The following are some pictures shows the result of this project.

You can go to instructables to view the detail steps of the project.

You can find all the parts you need here

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