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Hilary Lintott the best kind of teacher - those are the ones who take on a project, not knowing if it would succeed or fail but embarking on the journey with the kids knowing that they'll learn something anyway. Hilary started a project with her year three students to learn about circuits, build something creative and artistic while generating a genuine learning experience around discovery.
Here is what her year three student wrote about the experience....

"In our class we explored electric circuits by making Globots. We had to use some good stamina to make these Globots. To make the eyes glow we made an electric circuit using copper tape, batteries, cellotape and LED’s.

We used a website called Paper box world to get the templates. There were bunnies, reindeer, dogs, pigs, skeletons, bats and lots more.

We had to cut a little flap of cardboard and glue by the edge of the box. Then we put a strip of copper tape on the top then one at the bottom so they joined together then we put the battery in between. We learned that the bottom of the tape can be an insulator so when our circuits didn’t work very well we went back and folded the tape over where it overlapped. This was heaps better as the copper was the conductor.

We felt impressed when we made the lights work. It was challenging but we managed to do it.

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