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What an exciting weekend. I have never had the chance to attend a MindKits workshop. So over the weekend just gone (8 & 9th August) I was lucky enough to attend the #edchatNZ conference and wear my @MindKits Elf "hat".

I came home on a high after seeing teachers soaking up so many learning experiences. There is nothing like being with people who are excited about the same things that you are. There was a huge interest in everything that MindKits had to offer too - we were there showing how to teach design to kids by using a chocolate printing 3D printer, e-textiles to revamp soft materials classes and how to use robots to teach numeracy and problem solving. I was stoked to say the least.

So much so I came home and I couldn't stop planning about how to do this and that. What else should we be offering to schools and teachers. After unpacking the 3D printers and the chocolate I had an idea.I want to donate one of our new E-Textile discovery kits to a school!

What's the catch I hear you ask?

All you have to do it have Tim (Twitter:@MindKits) come and visit you and the school where you are based. How will this work for schools outside of Auckland? Easy we will use FaceTime or Video Conference via Skype. If you think that 3D Printing (including chocolate), Robotics or E-Textiles is something that you would like to get into your school or you already have it but you want to add more, then get in touch with either Tim (@MindKits) or myself (@MindKits Elf).

If we have a huge uptake I could be tempted to pop another kit up for grabs! So get behind us. If you think we should be talking to someone about what we do, put us in touch and we will draw winners on Friday 29th August.

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