Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensor

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    This is a cost-effective and highly functional hall-effect sensor. The Melexis 90217 is designed to be used with a bias magnet south facing the back (non-marked) side of the IC. With a single Hall plate, this sensor is immune to common rotary alignment problems. Very easy to interface with all microcontrollers.


    • Short circuit protection
    • Rotary position gear tooth sensing ability
    • No rotary orientation concerns
    • High speed operation
    • No chopper delay
    • Zero speed detection
    • On-chip 10 bit A/D converter
    • Self-adjusting magnetic range
    • Voltage requirements: 3.5-24 VDC
    • Current requirements: ~3 mA
    • Communication: Analog output range equal to supply voltage
    • Package: TO-92 (3-lead)
    • Operating temp range: -40° to +302 °F (-40° to +150 °C)