• Capacitor 4.7uF - SMD (Strip of 10) - COM-15169
  • Capacitor 4.7uF - SMD (Strip of 10) - COM-15169

Capacitor 4.7uF - SMD (Strip of 10)

Item #: COM-15169
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    This is 10 pack of tiny 4.7µF SMD decoupling capacitors. Each of these capacitors offers a DC voltage rating of 16V and a capacitance tolerance of -20% to +80%. Additionally, these capacitors are 1206 sized, are non-polar, and feature an operation temperature rating of −30°C to +85°C.

    Personally, we prefer to use these little caps on our LuMini LED Rings in larger installations to prevent voltage dips when turning on a large load of LEDs all at once.


    • 10x Capacitor 4.7µF - SMD