Crowtail STEM + Arts Edu Kit for Micro:bit

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    The Crowtail STEM Edu Kit for Micro:bit contains 12 common Crowtail modules, it’s a great way to build innovative projects to learn programming and electronics. All of the Crowtail modules have a standard 4 pin connectors,so it’s easy to plug them into the base shield to realize your ideas. It’s fully compatible with micro:bit, so program it using Microsoft Makecode or Python is easily.

    About micro:bit

    The micro:bit is a pocket-size microcontroller, it has an onboard accelerometer, a compass, an accelerometer, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), two programmable push buttons, and an array of LEDs. Just use a graphical programming interface, like Microsoft Blocks, or program it use the mu interface in Python. The BBC micro:bit is specially designed for those who what to learn programming but lack of experiences, it could be your first choice to get started with programming.

    What you will get:

    Various Crowtail modules: Equipped with 12 common Crowtail modules, such as buzzer, LED, sound sensor and etc, which allows to make interesting projects.

    Plug and play: No soldering required, build your circuit in minutes.

    You do need a micro:bit which can be found here.