Elecrow Basic Kit for BBC Micro:bit

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    Micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun! It�s widely used in schools around the world and can be easily coded from any web browser in Blocks, JavaScript, Python, Scratch and more. To get you off to a flying start we include an easy to follow tutorials book which guides you to program the micro:bit.

    This Micro:bit basic kit is created to help students get started with electronics and programming. It has frequently used DIY electronics parts and step-by-step lessons. It includes 10 practical electronic projects, you can understand the electronics and obtain programming skills through hands-on learning.


    • Includes a printed guidebook, comes with 10 lessons.
    • 10 awesome lessons to let you get started easily.
    • No soldering required, just built your circuit on the breadboard.


    • Light the LED
    • Traffic light
    • Control the light switch and brightness
    • Lest the buzzer sound
    • Fire alarm
    • Self-lock switch to control the motor
    • Fire extinguishing
    • Light the RGB LED
    • Shaking to light the RGB LED
    • Electronic thermometer

    Package list

    • Micro:bit GPIO extension board x 1
    • Micro USB cable x 1
    • Battery case x 1
    • Red/ yellow/ green LED x 10
    • RGB LED x 1
    • Motor with fan x 1
    • Buzzer x 1
    • Potentiometer x 1
    • Flame sensor x 1
    • 330?/ 1k?/ 10k? Resistor x 10
    • S9013 triode x 2
    • Self-lock switch x 1
    • Button x 4
    • Breadboard x 1
    • Jumper wire x 30
    • Alligator Cable x 5
    • Tutorial x 1

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    Please note you need to purchase a Micro:Bit along with this kit.