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    The DAQCplate (Data Acquisition and Controller) from Pi-Plates adds a rich set of input/output options to your Raspberry Pi. It includes seven powerful digital outputs for driving external devices such as relays and high-current LEDs, as well as eight analog-to-digital inputs for measuring temperature, voltage, humidity and more. Additionally, there are eight digital inputs, two analog outputs and seven general-purpose indicator LEDs.

    Pi-Plates are a family of stackable and interchangeable add-on circuit boards that allow you to interact with the outside world using your Raspberry Pi. Every Pi-Plate is designed to provide a robust set of features at minimal cost while using the fewest pins possible on the RPi header. Pi-Plates are mechanically and electrically compatible with all revisions of the Raspberry Pi with 40 pin headers (including the Pi 3 Model B and Pi Zero) and are designed to satisfy the needs of hobbyists, experimenters and professionals.


    • Dedicated onboard processor
    • 8 protected digital inputs
    • 8 protected analog inputs
    • 2 protected analog outputs
    • 7 open collector outputs
    • Provides real-time data collection
    • Allows for future code updates
    • Only needs two dedicated RPI pins (GPIO 25 and CE1)
    • Compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi
    • Design allows up to eight DAQCplates to be stacked together for eight times the I/O
    • Uses less than 20mA of DC current during standby2
    • Includes programmable bi-color LED
    • Additional 14-pin header included if B+ signals are required
    • Capable of reading up to seven HC-SR04 distance sensors