iCEBreaker FPGA

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    Are you ready to venture into the brave new world of digital logic design? The iCEBreaker FPGA board is specifically designed for you. It works out of the box with the latest open source FPGA development tools and next-generation open CPU architectures. The iCEBreaker is easily expandable through its Pmod connectors, so you can make use of a large selection of third-party Pmod modules.

    The iCEBreaker FPGA board has three standard Pmod connectors, which makes for a wide range of expansion options since Pmod is a standard followed by several hardware manufacturers. This gives you access to a massive library of modules — no matter what your project, you’re sure to find a Pmod for it. The iCEBreaker FPGA board comes with a tabbed, breakaway Pmod with three pushbuttons and five LEDs. You can use the breakaway Pmod to explore FPGAs right away, without any soldering, or you can break it off and use the Pmod connector for another Pmod.


    • Lattice iCE40UP5k FPGA
      • 5280 logic cells (4-LUT + Carry + FF)
      • 120 Kbit dual-port block RAM
      • 1 Mbit (128 KByte) single-port RAM
      • PLL, 2 x SPI, 2 x I2C hard IPs
      • Two internal oscillators (10 kHz and 48 MHz) for simple designs
      • Eight DSP multiplier blocks for signal processing such as audio synthesis and even software defined radio
      • Low power consumption ideal for battery-powered applications
      • Three 24 mA drive and 3 x hard IP PWM (can drive RGB LEDs and small motors)
    • Plentiful, fast storage
      • 128 Mbit (16 MB) quad SPI double data rate (QSPI-DDR) flash
      • Example: can stream video to LED matrix
    • Lots of I/O
      • Three pins (header) for RGB LED
      • Two on-board LEDs
      • One UART, RX pin and TX pin accessible via virtual (USB) serial port
      • One pushbutton
      • Two available Pmod connectors (16 x pins total)
      • One breakaway Pmod (8 x pins)
    • Pre-wired, breakaway Pmod module
      • Input and output user accessible and usable in your own hardware design
      • Five LEDs in a star pattern
      • Three push buttons
    • Capable enough to host CPU softcores
      • picorv32
      • picosoc
      • RISC-V and others
    • On-board FPGA programmer and USB-to-serial adapter
      • Compatible with IceStorm iceprog tool
      • Easy, driverless connection as a serial device to host computer
    • USB high speed
      • On-board FT2232 USB chip
      • Up to 480 Mbit/s interface to host computer