Large Piezo Alarm - 16 Tone

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    This Piezo Alarm is a great option for when you need an audible alarm (or are just looking for a way to prank your friends). This alarm has 16 different output options that can be changed with the DIP switches on the unit. Select Continuous, Chime, Intermittent, Warble, or Pulsating and amaze your friends.


    • Operating Voltage: 5-16Vdc
    • Operating Frequency: 3KHz
    • Warble Frequency: 2.8KHz to 3.2KHz
    • Diameter: 35.8mm, Height 35.7mm
    • 103 dB(A) at 16V at 61cm
    • 90 dB(A) at 5V at 61cm