Mega Multi IO Shield for Arduino Mega / DUE

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    Like Arduino Mega/Due's IO, but bothered with the conflict of I/O pins when using shields with the Mega board during a project? Find it hard to take good advantage of the mega I/O pins? Try the Mega I/O multi-expansion shield to help solving the problem.
    Arduino Mega/Due I/O multi-expansion shield means that you can plug 4 different shields at same time. All I/O pins of the Mega board are expanded so that you can plug 4 shields at most, and worry not any more about the I/O conflict. Whatsmore, it makes your project clean & tidy with the cables be arranged in order . Expand your project idea with Mega I/O multi-expansion shield!

    Mega Multi IO Shield For Arduino Mega / DUE - DFRobot

    • Drafting instrument
    • 3D printing
    • 4WD robotic platform
    • Robot platform prototyping ...etc

    • Compatible with Mega1280/2560/ADK/DUE
    • Support 4 shields
    • Size:14.4cm x 13cm (5.67x5.12")

    • Mega Multi IO Expansion Shield x1