Metal DC Geared Motor - 12V 100RPM

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    This is a metal DC geared motor, 100% pure copper coils, high-density molecular layer, 50:1 metal reducer, small size, large torque. The maximum torque could arrive 42, stable and durable!

    |Specification| Rated voltage: 12 V
    Gear reduction ratio: 50:1
    D output shaft diameter: 6 mm
    No-load speed: 100 RPM @ 12 v
    No-load current: 0.17 A
    Rated speed: 93 RPM @ 12 v
    Current rating: 0.68 A
    Rated torque: 7
    Stall torque: 42
    Stall current: 2.19 A
    Power: 5W
    Weight: 210 g
    |ShippingList| Metal DC Geared Motor - 12V 100RPM x1