MiniQ Motor Wheel Set with Encoder

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    This MiniQ motor wheel set is especially designed for education and hobbies. It features a powerful metal gear motors which provide a speedy robot. With buildin encoders, it can do PID speed control which is Ideal for maze competition and education purpose.Easily for assembling to the chassis.You can drive this robot with our Romeo (an Arduino Robot Control Board with Motor Driver),or other motor drivers.
    • Encoder Specification
      • Working Voltage:3.3V or 5V
      • Working Current:&;lt;14mA @5V
      • Pulse Output:48 per revolution
      • Compatibility:42mm x 19mm (1.65x0.75") wheel
    • Motor Specification
      • 13000 rpm @ No load
      • 50:1 Gear ratio
      • 260 rpm @ 6V
      • 40mA @ 6V
      • 360mA stall current @ 6V
      • 10 oz inches torque @ 6V