MindKits Are Finalists in the 2018 CIO Awards for Engaging Youth in ICT

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I never really paid much attention to awards. Well, that is until 2018 when the team at MindKits were announced as finalists in none other than the 2018 CIO awards!

For those who don't know, the CIO awards are the geek Emmy's. They recognise excellence in innovation and business so it was a huge moment to be recognised for the work the MindKits team do with schools to bring technology to students and teachers around New Zealand.

We were up against some incredibly innovative competition including MYOB and their team of 400 people and Techwomen who pair girls up with industry leading women to inspire them.

Talk about tough competition.

The award went to Techwomen and I'm very proud to be in the same company as such a deserving recipient.

Shout our to Fay, the MindKits elf for joining me on this journey and to Jason, our tech wizard for delivering such engaging workshops to teachers and students across the country.

Learn more about the awards here

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