Trade-in Your 3D Printer for $1150NZD off an S3

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How 3D printing can help businesses sustain growth and stay relevant in the wake of market uncertainties

Markets today are shrouded with uncertainties. The latest one, COVID-19, has hit markets hard, and disrupted global supply chains. For businesses to stay relevant and ensure sustainability, companies should relook into their manufacturing processes, turn to automation and streamlining of workflows.

As transportation costs continue to rise against the backdrop of increasing consumer demand for e-commerce deliveries, businesses should take the opportunity to review their workflows and make a fundamental shift with their supply chains.

Instead of sourcing for parts or equipment from a different location or a different country, perhaps a more efficient way is to leverage 3D printing and print on demand in-house. This means reshaping of the model and shifting the power onto the business owner. In this way, businesses can better respond to changing market needs, and produce when needed, instead of adhering to high production volumes for economies of scale.

Historically, highly customised items or items that are not mass-produced tend to command a premium. With 3D printing, this is no longer the case. In-house designers and engineers can innovate and enhance according to needs, or even cater for complex geometrical shapes. Printed parts can also be optimised for performance or functions.

3D printing which is faster than conventional manufacturing such as injection moulds and polymer casting, can greatly reduce reproduction timelines of functional parts from days to mere hours, thus increasing productivity.

This entire on-demand manufacturing process/ eco-system means that business owners no longer need to pay for storage of inventory, which works out to additional cost savings. Indeed, businesses that embrace change and adopt 3D printing as a disruptive technology, can look forward to significant cost savings in storage handling, transportation and freight and raise productivity. Click here for case studies on how companies have successfully harnessed 3D printing.

To help companies get started on their journey towards a sustainable business growth, Ultimaker is offering an exclusive, never-before discount of $1,150NZD (Inc GST) off one of its newest products, the Ultimaker S3 between 1 April to 20 September 2020. This promotion is only available to customers in Asia Pacific, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

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