Night Light Soldering Kit

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    The night is dark and full of terrors, so why not light it up with this handy little night light that will fade up and down depending on how dark the environment is? The Night Light is an intermediate level soldering kit designed to provide good lessons for individuals looking to expand their soldering expertise by building a light-activated night light cube! Each Night Light Soldering Kit takes about 10-30min to assemble with basic soldering materials (not included), the hardest part being actually assembling the housing around the LED PCB.

    Every Night Light kit includes housing and base PCBs, five white LEDs, resistors, a mini photocell, an NPN transistor, and an SMD USB power connector. All you need to supply (besides a soldering iron and solder) is a micro USB cable since it is not included. We do recommend taking your time assembling this kit as you will need patience to make sure the design-cut PCB housing is assembled correctly.

    Note: Since this product is a kit, assembly and a basic knowledge of soldering will be required. The Night Light Kit does not come pre-assembled.


    • 1x Top PCB
    • 1x Base PCB
    • 4x Side PCBs
    • 5x White 5mm LEDs
    • 1x Mini Photocell
    • 1x SMD USB Power Connector
    • 1x NPN - 2N3904 Transistor
    • 5x 270 Ohm Resistors
    • 1x 39K Ohm Resistor