• Omega2+ Starter Kit - KIT-14540
  • Omega2+ Starter Kit - KIT-14540
  • Omega2+ Starter Kit - KIT-14540
  • Omega2+ Starter Kit - KIT-14540
  • Omega2+ Starter Kit - KIT-14540

Omega2+ Starter Kit

Item #: KIT-14540
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    Jump-start your IoT development with the Omega2+ Starter Kit. This kit includes everything you need to create eight different circuits that will teach you how to control LEDs, read inputs, control and read external sensors and displays, learn Python, and more. Step-by-step instructions for building each circuit with the included parts can be found in the online Starter Kit Guide under the "Documents" tab.

    Each Starter Kit includes an Onion Omega2+ IoT Computer, an Expansion Dock and a variety of electronics components that belong in the collection of every student of Internet of Things. This collection includes resistors, LEDs, jumper wires, switches, a 7-segment display and an LCD screen, to name a few. All kit components are nicely packed up in a handy plastic carrying case.

    The Onion Omega parts we carry are separated into three different categories: Mainboard, Dock and Expansion Board. With the parts in this kit you will be able to plug the Omega2+ into the Expansion Dock and add any Expansion Board! For a kit that includes all of the parts in the Starter Kit plus the Expansion Boards, check out the Omega2+ Maker Kit.


    • 1x Onion Omega2+ IoT Computer
    • 1x Expansion Dock for Onion Omega
    • 1x Breadboard
    • 1x 7-Segment Display (Red LED)
    • 1x LCD Screen (16x2)
    • 1x Shift Register (74HC595)
    • 1x Digital Temperature Sensor
    • 5x Slide Switch
    • 12x Tactile Push Button
    • 1x Wall Charger
    • 1x Braided USB Micro-B Cable
    • 20x Multicolor LEDs
    • 5x 100nF Ceramic Capacitor
    • 20x 200Ω Resistor
    • 10x 1kΩ Resistor
    • 5x 100Ω Resistor
    • 5x 470Ω Resistor
    • 5x 5.1kΩ Resistor
    • 5x 51kΩ Resistor
    • 20x Jumper Wire (M/M)
    • 20x Jumper Wire (M/F)



    • Blinking an LED --- Learn the basics of programming the Omega by turning an LED on and off.
    • Blinking Multiple LEDs --- Learn some more programming concepts by controlling multiple LEDs at once.
    • Fading an LED --- Create a cool LED fading effect using the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique.
    • Reading a Switch --- Use a physical switch to control an LED through the Omega.
    • Using a Shift Register --- Use a shift register chip to control eight LEDs using only a few GPIOs.
    • Controlling a 7-Segment Display --- Add a 7-segment display to the previous circuit to display numbers.
    • Reading a 1-Wire Temperature Sensor --- Use a 1-wire temperature sensor to read the ambient temperature.
    • Controlling an LCD Screen --- Use the I2C protocol to control an LCD screen attached to the previous circuit.