pi-top with Inventor's Kit - Raspberry Pi Laptop

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    The pi-top (officially called the pi-top [3]) is a DIY laptop you build yourself that helps you start learning how to code, create awesome devices, and take your knowledge to the next level. This Raspberry Pi powered laptop is an excellent resource to any budding hobbyist, student or intrigued user wanting to learn more about the capabilities of the credit card-sized development board. The only thing this kit doesn't include is a speaker; you'll need to supply that on your own.

    The pi-top comes with a 14" HD LCD screen (1920 x 1080 resolution), a slide out keyboard with trackpad, a smart battery pack capable of running the pi-top for 6-8 hours, and a Hub PCB to take care of power management and a host of other functions. Don't worry about cables or your OS either; everything to hook up each part in the box is included (except a small phillips head screwdriver), along with the latest version of the pi-top OS on an 8GB microSD card. Assembly is easy -- just plug or snap in all the parts with minimal use of the included tools.

    All pi-tops come preloaded with CEEDuniverse, a multiplayer online game that teaches you how to code, build circuits and make hardware that interacts with the game in real time. For example, you’ll be mining for resources in CEEDuniverse. However, you must program your mining bot in order to activate your Mining Machine. Speaking of mining, Minecraft comes pre-installed on each laptop as well!

    This new version has a few additional features as well. We now include both the Raspberry Pi 3B+ as well as the pi-top Inventor's Kit, it is also not compatible with the Pi-top Speaker V1, but is fully compatible with V2. The Inventor's Kit provides a breadboard to snap into the built in Modular Rail as well as buttons, LEDs, potentiometers and more. The Kit also provides instructions and various templates to get you started building your Music Maker, Smart Robot, or Space Race game.

    Note: This item is non-returnable and may take longer to process due to battery installed in the equipment and therefore does not qualify for same-day shipping. Additionally, these batteries can not be shipped via Ground or Economy methods to Alaska or Hawaii. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


    • pi-top Laptop Case
      • 14" full HD LCD screen (1920 x 1080 resolution)
      • Matte Trackpad (104x75mm) with Gesture Control
      • QWERTY Layout Keyboard
      • Battery
      • Green Injection Molded Case
      • Sliding Keyboard for internal access
    • 18V, 2.5A charger with AU, EU, UK and US adapters
    • 8GB class 10 SD Card with pi-topOS (located in Getting Started Guide)
    • Raspberry Pi 3B+
      • 1.4GHz quad-core arm cortex A53P
      • 40 GPIO pins
      • Gigabit Ethernet port
      • Bluetooth 4.2
      • Camera interface
      • microSD card slot
      • 4 USB ports
      • HDMI port
      • 802.11 B/G/N dual-band wireless LAN
      • 3.5mm audio jack
      • Display interface
      • Videocore IV 3D graphics core
    • pi-top Inventor's Kit
      • Breakboard compatible with the Modular Rail
      • Photocell
      • Ultrasonic sensor
      • 10mm LEDs (2x red, 2x yellow, 2x green)
      • 2x buttons
      • buzzer
      • microphone
      • 2x trimpots
      • resistors