Potentiometers Kit (55pcs)

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    Variable resistors also named as potentiometer are electrical equipments having two terminal points in opposite direction. The terminals are used for electrical resistance in a circuit board. Variable resistors are very economical and helpful for every kind of electronic and electrical circuit systems. They acts as resistance for high voltage current pass and maintains an average volt for normal work outs,They are commonly used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment.This Variable Resistor Kit contains 6 small packages of blue and white resistors with 11 different values from 200~500KΩ in it.

    • Color:Blue&White
    • Material:PBT
    • Rated power:0.1W
    • Working voltage:50V
    • Package:Horizontal DIP
    • Size:70x70x12mm (2.76x2.76x0.47")
    • Pin distance:5.08*5.06*5.06mm (0.2x0.19x0.19")
    • Weight:5g

    • 201(200Ω) x5
      501(500Ω) x5
      102(1K) x5
      202(2K) x5
      502(5K) x5
      103(10K) x5
      203(20K) x5
      503(50K) x5
      104(100K) x5
      204(200K) x5
      504(500K) x5