Raspberry PI nRF24 Add-on V1.0

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    Raspberry PI nRF24 Add-on for Raspberry PI platform. Integrated on-chip transceiver nRF24L01 + PA and LNA allows you to create a wireless connection between the terminal devices (sensors, etc.) and servers. The Raspberry PI nRF24 Add-on added all the ingredients needed to make Raspberry PI in a completely finished and inexpensive gateway to build a heterogeneous environment for the smart home. Many Open Source controllers and accessible library will allow you to create any kind of smart, wireless media of your choice.


    • 100% compatibility with Raspberry PI 2, 3
    • Built on Arduino-compatible architecture (UNO DualOptiboot)
    • Microprocessor ATMega328P
    • Transceiver nRF24L01+ PA ? LNA (antenna 2.4 G included)
    • On board 64kb SPI flash / E2prom (for OTA firmware updates)
    • On board ATSHA204A (for data encryption)
    • RTS DS3231 (powered by supercapacitor)
    • Built-in 2 clock button (Reset, Inclusion mode)
    • Built-in 5 LED (Power, RX, TX, ERR, UPD(user))
    • FTDI header similar to Arduino UNO
    • Atmel programming ISCP header
    • Micro USB for easy connection of 5 V
    • Buzzer
    • Open Source Home Automation Framework (from the Mysensors team)
    • Dimensions 58 x 56 ? 17 mm

    Package List

    • Raspberry PI nRF24 Add-on board ? 1 pcs.
    • Antenna 2.4 G with U.FL connector ? 1 pcs.


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