• SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (U.FL) - WRL-15435
  • SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (U.FL) - WRL-15435
  • SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (U.FL) - WRL-15435
  • SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (U.FL) - WRL-15435

SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (U.FL)

Item #: WRL-15435
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    The XBee3 Thing Plus is an ultra capable and easy way for getting into wireless device development. The combination of XBee and Qwiic in a space conscious design represents a much needed update to our XBee offering. With 20 I/O pins and Lithium Polymer Ion battery management, the XBee3 Thing Plus has all the basics for quickly prototyping or developing a connected device such as a remote sensor. The Qwiic connector and JST connector for the battery make for a solder-less option when working with the board which shortens setup time.

    The new XBee3 Micro Module provides the classic all-but plug and play 802.15.4 2.4GHz wireless connection (Zigbee 3.0 Protocol) that makes it so desirable, but with a new addition of being programmable with MicroPython (32KB of memory available for it). RF data rates up to 250 Kbps and 200ft indoor ranges and up to 4000ft line-of-sight outdoor range. Communicating with/Configuring the module happens via an AT Command set or the Digi API, X-CTU, both locally or over-the-air. There's even a mobile version of X-CTU now; Digi XBee® Mobile.

    This variation features a U.FL antenna connector for longer range communications. Check out the related products for compatible antennas.


    • XBee3 Micro Module
      • Silicon Labs EFR32MG SoC
      • 250Kbps RF, 1Mbps Serial data rates
      • Indoor/Urban range up to 200 ft (60 m)
      • Outdoor/RF Line of Sight range up to 4000 ft (1200 m)
      • +8 dBm transmit power
      • -103 dBm receiver sensitivity
      • UART, I2C, SPI Interfaces (SPI currently not available at this time, but broken out on the board)
      • ISM 2.4GHz Frequency Band (802.15.4)
      • 1MB of memory, 128KB RAM (32KB available for MicroPython)
    • 20 GPIO Pins
    • Configurable via X-CTU or AT Command set via both USB and Wirelessly (second XBee 3 device required for wireless configuration unless you're using the mobile app)
    • Qwiic Compatible
    • On-board charging circuit and connector for 3.3v Lithium Polymer Ion Batteries (see related products for compatible batteries)
    • 2.6VDC - 3.6VDC supply voltage
    • U.FL Antenna Connector