• Dual/Quad Power Amplifier - STA540 - COM-09557
  • Dual/Quad Power Amplifier - STA540 - COM-09557

Dual/Quad Power Amplifier - STA540

Item #: COM-09557
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    The STA540 from STMicro is a 4-channel, class AB audio amplifier designed for high quality sound applications. The four independent channels makes this amplifier a great choice for a number of projects, with needs ranging from four speakers stereo (F/R) to two-speaker bridge solutions. The chip accepts a voltage supply ranging from 8 to 22VDC and has very high output power capability.

    This chip comes in a staggered-lead Multiwatt-15 package. While our breakout board for the L298N isn't designed for it specifically, it will breakout out all pins of the STA540 to a more standard single row of 0.1" pitch headers. Also, keep an eye out for some upcoming amplifier products based on this chip!

    It works great with the 6400BG Heatsink!


    • High output power capability
    • Standby function (CMOS compatible)
    • Minimum external components count:
      • no bootstrap capacitors
      • no Boucherot cells
      • internally fixed gain 20 dB
    • No audible pop during standby operations
    • Diagnostic facilities:
      • clip detector
      • output to GND short-circuit detector
      • output to VS short-circuit detector
      • soft short-circuit check at turn-on
      • thermal shutdown warning
    • Output AC/DC short circuit protection
    • Soft short-circuit check at turn-on
    • Thermal cutoff/limiter to prevent chip from overheating