DGS04NF STD Continuous Rotation Servo

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    At MindKits we think continuous rotation servos are like gold. Packaged in an easily mountable form and controlled with the familiar servo method common to Arduino users these puppies take the complexity out of motion.

    These servos come with a servo horn to connect to normal RC gear but also come with a high quality rubber wheel. Perfect for robot projects without having to worry about mounting hardware or compatible wheels.

    The DGS04NF STD continuous rotation servo converts standard RC servo position pulses into continuous rotation speed. It can be controlled directly by a microcontroller without any additional electronics, which makes it a great actuator for beginner robotics projects.

    The servo has an 290 mm lead that is terminated with a JR-style connector and comes with the following included hardware:

    • 1x large X-horn
    • 1x large rubber wheel
    • mounting hardware: 4x grommets, 4x eyelets, 4x screws
    • 1x horn mounting screw

    General specifications

    Weight: 38g
    Size: 40.8 x 20 x 39.5 mm
    Torque: 4.6 kg/cm @4.8V
    Speed: 0.20sec/60° @4.8V
    Gear Type: Plastic gear
    Motor Type: Normal
    Operating Voltage
    Operating Temperature Range: 0?-60?
    Current: ?1000mA
    Angle: 360°
    Dead Bend Width: 10 usec
    Connector Wire Length: 290mm